Classic Delight is fully committed to undertaking its business in such a way as to minimize the risk to the built and natural environment whilst promoting sustainability throughout its operational activities. Classic Delight will continually review, and seek to improve its operating procedures, equipment and other resources to minimalize our environmental impact.

Our Commitment

  • Comply with applicable local, state, and federal legal requirements and environmental regulations.
  • Seek out ways to reduce, reuse, or recycle materials utilized throughout the facility.
  • Partner with suppliers and vendors who demonstrate a commitment to programs that protect and preserve the environment through conservation, sustainability, and best farming practices.
  • Locally source raw materials, ingredients, and packaging materials whenever possible.
  • Schedule production and logistics for reduced environmental impact and efficient use of resources.
  • Maintain a preventive maintenance program for equipment and vehicles to reduce emissions, oil leaks, excessive noise, heat, and vibration.
  • Ensure chemicals and other wastes are managed and disposed of properly.
Cinnamon French Toast plated with dusted cinnamon and an apple, accompanied by a glass of milk and a serving dish of extra cinnamon

Presently our company
addresses these goals by:

creating a
better planet

Implementing reusable
equipment as much as possible.


Recycling baled cardboard
and pallets.

building healthier

Laundering, where possible, reusable garments and towels.